Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Runaway bound boy, no. 9.


RANAWAY from the subscriber, about the first of January last, a negro boy, (an indented Apprentice,) named WASHINGTON. Said boy is between 19 and 20 years of age, and rather under statue, of light complexion, — no particular marks or scars recollected. – I understand that Washington has been seen near Durham’s Creek, in the neighbourhood of which place he is not no doubt lurking.

The above reward, and all reasonable expences, will be paid on his delivery to me in Newbern, or secured in any Jail so that I get him again. – All persons are forwarned from harboring said boy as I am determined to enforce the law against all such as may offend.  JOHN GILDERSLIEVE. March 8, 1828.

Newbern Sentinel, 19 April 1828.

He has a pass, but …

COMMITTED To the Jail of Rockingham County, North-Carolina, on the 5th inst. a mulatto fellow, who calls his name George Petteford, jr. about 24 years old, five feet high; and has in his possession a pass signed by William M. Sneed, Esq. from Granville county, dated 11th November, 1817. If the said George belongs to any person, the owner is requested to come forward, prove his property, pay charges and take him away.    SAM’L MOXLY Jailor.  Sept. 15, 1820.

Star, Raleigh, 6 October 1820.


A ROBBERY.  In the night of the 31st of December last, my son William Sugg, was robbed on the Road between Raleigh and Joshua Sugg’s, supposed by a free black man named JOHN BLACK, who is well known in this neighborhood, and who has since escaped. The money taken consisted of one or two ten dollar Bank Notes, one five dollar note, and three forty shilling Bills of State Currency. With the money was taken my pocket knife, a small part of both blades of which had been broken. Black is about 25 years old, low and well made – is a Carpenter by trade, and had with him a copy of his former masters will, (Moses Parker,) of Franklin – Any person apprehending said Black, so that he may be brought to justice, shall be well rewarded for their trouble.   WM. SUGG. Wake county, January 5, 1815.

Star, Raleigh, 6 January 1815.

Negroes and mulattoes who infest and annoy.

Mr. Speaker & Gentlemen of the House of Assembly.

I send herewith for the consideration, a representation of Mr. Archibald McKissak, a Magistrate of the County of Bladen, relative to the number of free Negroes and Mulattoes, who infest that County and annoy its inhabitants.

New Bern. December 18th. 1773.   Jo. Martin


A List of the Rogues

A List of the Mob Raitously Asembled together In Bladen Countey October 13th 1773

1. Captain James Ivey  2. Joseph Ivey  3. Ephraim Sweat  4. William Chavours Clark Commonly Called Boson Chevers  5. Richd Groom  6. Bengman Dees  7. Willm. Sweat  8. George Sweat  9. Bengamin Sweat  10. Willm. Groom Senr.  11. Willm. Groom Junr.  12. Gidion Grant  13. Thos. Groom  14. James Pace  15. Isaac Vaun  16. [torn] Stapbleton  17. Edward Lockelear  18. Tidy Lockelear

Harbourers of the Rogues As follows Major Lockelear, Recher Groom, Ester Cairsey

The Above List of Rogues is all Free Negors and Mullatus living upon the Kings Land

Governors Message Informing the House of a Number of free Negroes &c., Annoying the Inhabints of Bladen 1773.

General Assembly Sessions Records, December 1773, Box 6, North Carolina State Archives.