Free Colored Inhabitants of the Town of Milton, Caswell County, 1850.

#243. Lucy Pulliam, 60, in the household of William Terrill, boot & shoemaker.

#244. William Philips, 12, in the household of James R. Collum, druggist.

#246. Sarah Hutson, 40, born in Virginia, in the household of Wiley Kezort, blacksmith.

#248. Dabney Palmer, 20, tailor, born Person County, in the household of Benjamin Hines, tailor.

#266. William Pounds, 20, and James Harris, 22, both laborers, in the household of Hugh M. Raimey, mechanic.

#269. Willis Freeman, 25, laborer, wife Jane, 24, and Mary Piles, 6.

#271. Anderson Piles, 12, born Caswell County, in the household of L.R. Atkinson, jeweler.

#272. Francis Weaver, 30, born Hertford, in the household of Archibald McDorrett, teacher.

#287. Tannin(?) Sawyers, 21, born in Virginia, in the household of James Nuttall, tavern keeper.

#288. R. Mills, 40, laborer, born in Virginia, in the household of G.W. Thompson.

#289. Thomas Day, 49, cabinet maker, born in Virginia; wife Aquila, 44, born in Virginia; son Devereux J., 17, born Milton; Morning S. Day, 84, born Virginia; plus Joshua Wood, 21, cabinet maker, born in Virginia; James Hutchinson, 30, cabinet maker, born Guilford; Aaron McCormick, 20, born Virginia; James Wallace, 21, laborer, born Virginia; Burg[illegible] Smith, 20, cabinet maker, born Raleigh; Daniel Proctor, 20, cabinet maker, born Granville; and William Slate, 14, cabinet maker, born Virginia. All mulatto except Wood, Hutchinson, McCormick, Wallace, Proctor and Slate, who were white. Day reported $800 real property.

#298. Nancy Cousins, 50, born Virginia, in the household of Joana Hancock.

#307. Jane Watkins, 23, Mary Cousins, 27, and Cornelia Cousins, 4, all born Caswell.

#309. Harriet Jones, 29, and children Lewis, 6, Virginia, 4, and Caroline, 10 months, all born in Milton.

#310. John Freeman, 30, blacksmith, born Virginia, in the household of Alexander Smith.

#311. Lucy Sawyer, 39; Eliza A. Palmer, 17; Clem Palmer, 13; John Palmer, 8; Susan Sawyers, 2; and Sallie A. Palmer, 1.

#312. Rhoda Lovet, 80, Sallie Piles, 50, and Mary Piles, 20.

#314. Fanny McMunn, 20, born Orange, in the household of C.N.B. Evans, S. Editor.

#316. Jenny Watkins, 72, born Virginia; Tabitha A. Jones, 25, Andrew, 7, Marcus, 5, and Edward, 2, all born in Milton.

#317. Caroline Thomas, 24; Lavinia Thomas, 20; Isabella Thomas, 5; and James Thomas, 2.