Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Void and of no effect.

AMENDMENTS to the Constitution of the State of North Carolina.


So much of the constitution as entitles free persons of colour to vote for members of the Senate, and of the House of Commons, is hereby made void and of no effect.

Proposed amendments published in Carolina Watchman, 23 March 1833.

[Sidenote: Free people of color ultimately were stripped of the right to vote in 1837. — LYH]

Julia Boone Budd.

ImageJULIA BOONE BUDD was born in 1854 in Sampson County to William and Susan Boone. She married Wesley M. Budd on 24 July 1873 in Wayne County.  They are buried in the Budd cemetery near Dudley, Wayne County.

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

In the 1860 census of McDaniels, Sampson County: Wm. Boon, 33, farm laborer; wife Susan, 31; Hezekiah, 6; Julia, 5; Azariah, 3; and Benamma Boon, 1.

Colored communicants.

Communicants reported 27 May 1857 – …  27. Polly Bethel. 28. Jerry Bethel (colored) 29. Margaret Strange (colored)

Communicants added since Convention 27 May 1857 — … 31. Annabella Wilson (colored) … 39. William Foster (colored)

22 May 1857 “Day after Ascension Day. The ordinance of confirmation was administered to the following persons by the Rt. Rev. Thomas Atkinson, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese” … Annabella Wilson (colored)

1. Nancy Williams 2. Hannah Pinckney 3. William D. Pinckney 4. Thomas B. Taylor 5. Harriet Taylor 6. Mary Jane Brown 7. William Foster 8. Mary Bethel 9. Eliza T. Bryant (the above being colored communicants) “The above confirmed by Bp. Atkinson at his visitation of the parish October 10, 1858. T.S.W. Mott, pastor.”

From W.H. Biggers, Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, Extracts from the First Parish Register (1975). 

In the 1860 census of Western Division, Mecklenburg County: Jerry Bethel, 45, barber, “manumitted,” wife Mary Bethel, 40, and Robison Reid, 8. 

In the 1860 census of Western Division, Mecklenburg County: W.F. Strange, 54, clerk-U.S. Mint, born Scotland; Edy, 75; Caroline, 43; James, 22, coach painter[?]; Margaret, 20, “hs keeper;” Robert, 14; Anna, 12; Edward, 9; and Mary Strange, 5; plus Elizabeth Jack, 12; all except W.F. were mulatto.

In the 1860 census of Western Division, Mecklenburg County: Mary Foster, 29, laborer; William, 24, wheelwright; Annabella, 20, laborer; Mary, 2; Austin, 5 months; and Jane Clark, 7.