Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Runaway bound boy, no. 6.

Twenty-Five Cents Reward.

RAN away from the subscriber on the 12th instant, a negro boy by the name of LEROY BRANDOM, who was bound to me by the court of this county, to serve until he became twenty-one years of age.  Said boy is about eighteen years old, dark complexion, bushy head of hair, large white eyes, and wears a truss.  I forewarn all persons from harbouring said boy under the penalty of the law.  I will give twenty-five cents reward for the delivery of said boy to me in this place, but will not pay any charges or expences.  Said boy had sundry clothing, not any recollected.         John Young. Aug. 20.

Hillsborough Recorder, 29 Aug 1821.

He has a badly executed free pass.

$25 Dollars Reward. Ran Away from the subscriber, living in Wayne county, 12 miles north of Waynesborough, on the 8th of January last, a mulatto man by the name of EPHRAIM, who has since altered it to JOHN ARTIS. He is between 25 and 30 years of age, nearly 6 feet high, and his foreteeth are somewhat defective. He has a free pass, badly executed, and it is suspected that he will endeavor to go to Indiana with some negroes in Guilford county, who are about starting for that State. The above reward will be given for the apprehension and delivery of said fellow to me, or securing him in any jail in that State, so that I get him again.  PETER L. PEACOCK. July 27, 1827.

The State and North Carolina State Gazette, 16 August 1827.