Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Sufficient meritorious-ness?

To the Worshipful the County Court of Chowan now Sitting

The Petition of Zachariah Webb humbly sheweth That he your petitioner has A Negroe Man by the name of Jack who is now far advanced in years and has been a faithful and orderly Servant ever since your petitioner was first acquainted with him which has been upwards of thirty years being raised with him. It being the wish of the said Negroe Jack to obtain his freedom, and having paid me a valurable consideration for his subsequent time induces your petitioner to apply to your worships to set free the said Negroe Jack agreeable to the laws in that case made and provided. Altho your petitioner has it not in his power to point out any very meritorious Services yet he humbly conceives in submission to your superior Judgment that a servitude of upwards of sixty years being faithfully discharged without once being accused of any misdemeanor whatever to sully his character as A slave, may be deemed meritorious services sufficient for your worships to exercise your humanity and goodness in the manumission of said Slave.   Zachariah Webb


We the Subscribers believe the facts stated in the above petition to be Just & true, we have for a long time been acquainted with the said Negro Jack, & always understood that he demeaned himself as a faithfull, Sober, obedient, & orderly Servant. And we do most cheerfully Join the Petitioner in Petitioning your Worships, to set free the Said Negro Jack.

/s/ E. Norcom, [illegible] Hasell, William Webb, Geo. W. Akins, Joshua Perkins, Thos. Rea, John Simons sen’r, Frederick Creecy, Jonathan Haughton jnr., Job Pettijohn, Ann Blount, James Sutton, Frederick Norcom, Joseph Standin, John Beasley, James Beasley, John Haughton, Thomas [illegible], T. Vail

[On the reverse: Petition of Sundry persons for the Emancipation of Negroe Man Jack, March Term 1799 — Granted]

Slave Records, Miscellaneous Records, Chowan County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Anticipating the sudden dissolution of body.

The declaration of Bryant Oxendine of the County of Robeson & State of North Carolina to Trimegan Thompson of said State & County on the 10th February 1836 who being on that day weak of body but in perfect mind & memory but anticipating a sudden dissolution of body, personally related unto the above Trimegan Thompson the way and manner which he would wish to dispose of his goods & chattels which was in manner & form as follows (To wit) To his his wife one horse & mare, nine head of cattle fifteen head of hogs, all his corn & fodder, nine geese one bale cotton, together with all his household and kitchen furniture with the exception of as much of said property as would be sufficient to pay all just claims or demand against him, in testimony whereof I the above Trimegan Thompson do set my hand this the 11th February A.D. 1836 Robeson County. Trimegan X Thompson

Feby Term 1836, Then was this will duly proven in open court by the oath of Trimegan Thompson it appearing the widow & next of kin were notified of the intention of offering the same for probate. Ordered that it be recorded.  A. McEachern, Clk

Wills, Robeson County, North Carolina State Archives.