Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Halifax County Marriages: C

Caps, Anson and Margaret Dempsey, 15 July 1850. Henry Joyner, bondsman.

Carlisle, Elisha and Jane Portice, 27 December 1849. John Holland, bondsman.

Carlisle, Joseph Jno. and Elizabeth Portis, 28 January 1852. John Henry Harris, bondsman.

Carlisle, Levy and Penny Strickland, 19 Feb 1822. James Simmons, bondsman.

Carter, Frederick and Margaret Mills, 22 May 1851. Taylor Harriss, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Fred Carter, 40 stonemason; Margaret Mills, 22; and Nancy Mills, 7 months.

Carter, Jordan and Louisa Frances (alias Ferguson), 6 June 1850.

In the 1850 census, Halifax County: Jordan Carter, 30, laborer, wife Louisa, 25, and children Tom, 5, John, 4, and Indianna, 2.

Carter, Randal and unnamed, 14 May 1831. Thourogood Dempsey, bondsman.

Carter, Willey and Sylla Mills, 24 September 1825. Henry C. Jones, bondsman.

Carter, William and Polly Evans, 21 Dec 1826. Kinchen Toney, bondsman.

Chavers, Solomon and Rebecca Daniels, 27 Dec 1822. Edward King, bondsman.

Chavers, William and Anje James, 21 Aug 1822. William Clinton, bondsman.

Chavis, Herbert and Louisa Peace, 26 April 1820. Carter Harrison, bondsman.

Coleman, James and Susan Lynch, 19 December 1848. Henry Coleman, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: James Coleman, 25, farmer, and wife Susan, 22. James reported owning real estate valued at $8. Also, Henry Coleman, 32, laborer, wife Martha, 26, and children Sarah, 6, Eliza, 4, and Lucy, 1.

Coley, Belfield and Mary A.E. Ivey, 2 Mar 1856. Isaac N. Faulcon, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Belfield Coley, 15, and Geo. Baker, 9, living alone.

Coley, Dennis and Mary E. Mitchel, 12 January 1854.

Coley, Robert and Polly Mills, 16 May 1826. Jas. B. Pearson, bondsman.

Coley, Thos. and Sally A. Mitchell, 7 Jul 1851.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Thos. Coley, 22, and John Coley, 21, both boatman, living next door to Dennis Coley, 60, farmer, wife Dolly, 55, and children Sally, 30, Martha, 19, and Elias, 12.

Coley, Weldon and Cresy Baker, 14 February 1852.

In the 1860 census of Halifax County: Weldon Cooley, 50, farmer, wife Crecy, 46, spinner, and children Mary, 11, and Weldon, 9; plus Easton Cooley, 40, farm laborer.

Cousins, Francis and Panthae Liggins, 10 April 1854. John Mayhoe, bondsman.

Burrell Tabourn, Revolutionary War soldier.

State of North Carolina, Nash County  }   On this thirteenth day of August Eighteen hundred and Forty four Personally appeared in open Court Hardiman Tabourn a resident of the County of Nash and maketh the following declaration in order to obtain a pension under the act of Congress passed on the seventh day of June Eighteen hundred and thirty two and after being duly sworn according to law doth declare on his oath that he is the son of Burrell Tabourn who Enlisted in the war of the revolution in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty-one For the term of Twelve months under Capt Lytle and after he had served out that time he was drafted for a twelve month tour in the year of Seventeen hundred and eighty two as he has always heard his said father say who will more fully appear by two certificates which he has procured from the Secretary of the State of North Carolina, which he submits as evidence in Connection with his own of his Said Fathers services.

And further declares that his said Father Burrell Tabourn died leaving no widow and that his said father Burrell Tabourn died on the Ninth day of January Eighteen hundred and fortytwo and that he was Eighty one years old when he died and that he himself is forty nine years old and that he has three Brothers and two Sisters Namely Larkin Tabourn forty seven years old, Caleb Tabourn Thirtyfive years old, Boling Tabourn twentyeight years old, Beady Tabourn who intermarried with one Berry Locust Thirtytwo years old and Elizabeth Tabourn Thirty years old and he Further declares that his said Father was at the time he entered the Service a resident of the County of Nash and remained as Such up to this death and that he himself and all his brothers and sisters are Residents of the County of Nash and State aforesaid

And he Further declares that he has always heard his Father Say that he served the last Tower under the same Capt as he did the first two and he said Hardiman Further declares that he hims [sic]and he in behalf of his Brother and Sisters do hereby relinquish all Right to a pension whatever Except this

Sworn and subscribed to the day and date before written Before me  Francis M. Taylor CCC  Hardiman X Tabourn

From the file of Burrell Tabourn, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, National Archives and Records Administration.

In the 1850 census of Nash County: Caleb Tayborne, 51, wife Susan, 50, and children Quilly, 20, Jane, 15, Owen, 15, Martha, 12, Larkin, 12, and Sallie, 10.  Also, Larkin Tayborne, 57, Rebecca, 68, Ricks, 24, and Levenia, 15.  Also, Berry Locust, 50, wife Beedy, 45, and children Arthur, 25, Eliza, 19, Hepsy A., 16, Ivah, 15, Alsey, 12, Henry, 10, and Leymon, 8.  Hardy is not listed, but does appear in the 1860 census of Old Fields, Wilson County, as a 70 year-old living alone.