Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Free-Issue Death Certificates: NC-born Michiganders.

Joseph C. Ash.  Died 17 Feb 1890, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Mulatto.  Married. Age about 60.  Born in NC to Harry and Louisa Ash.

Marmaduke Ash.  Died 7 April 1911, Calvin, Cass County Michigan. Colored. Age 81 years, 6 months, 2 days. Married at age 27. Parent of 13 children, of whom 7 are living. Born NC to Herrod Ash and Eliza Kerner, both of NC. Buried Chain Lake.  Informant, Louisa Ash, Cassopolis.

In the 1850 census of Perry, Logan County, Ohio: Eliza Ash, 45, and her children Joseph C., 22, Marmaduke, 21, Mary, 20, Wm. H., 18, Sarah J., 16, Bates, 15, Marshama, 10, Marquis, 8, Eliza, 7, Arrena, 6, and Martha, 3.  Eliza and her first four children were born in NC; the remainder in Ohio.

In the Consolidated List of All Persons Subject to Do Military Service in the Second Congressional District of Michigan: Joseph C. Ash, 36, and Marmaduke Ash, 35, both colored, born in NC, and residents of Calvin, Cass County. Beside Marmaduke’s name, under Remarks, “1/4 white.” Civil War Draft Registration Records, National Archives and Records Administration.

Wiley Chavous.  Died 1 April 1915, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Colored. Married. Farming. Age 63.  Born Indiana to Eli Chavous and Jane Locklayer, both of NC. Buried Calvin Center.  Informant, Louisa Jane Chavous.

In the 1860 census of Calvin, Cass County, Michigan: Eli Shaver, 35, wife Jane, and children Samford, 11, Willy, 9, Mary E., 6, Emeline, 3, and Martha, 3 months.  Eli and Jane were born in NC, Samford and Willy in Indiana, and the remaining children in Michigan.

Martha A. Dungey.  Died 28 Feb 1904, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Mulatto. Widow. 40-year resident of Calvin. Born 10 Oct 1845 in Virginia to Henry Liggins and Elizabeth Liggins, both of NC. Buried in Bethel cemetery, Cassopolis.

In the 1860 census, of Calvin, Cass County, Michigan: Henry Liggins, 55, wife Eliz., 35, and children Parthenia, 17, Rufus, 15, Martha, 13, Mary 12, Susan, 10, Emma, 8, Alexander, 5, M.L., 4, and David, 2. The censustaker recorded all as born in Virginia except the three youngest children.

Thomas S. Evans.  Died 23 April 1911, Porter, Cass County, Michigan. Colored. Widowed. Retired farmer. Born 5 Aug 1827 in NC to Thomas Evans and an unknown mother, both of NC.  Buried Chain Lake.  Informant, H.E. Wise, Bristol, Mich.

Emily Ann Evans.  Died Porter, 19 Sept 1907, Cass County, Michigan. Mulatto. Married. Age 73 years, 1 month, 14 days. Married at age 16.  Parent of 11 children; 8 living. Born in NC to Reddin Chavious and Francis Harris, both NC. Buried Chain Lake.

George Eaton Evans.  Died 19 Sept 1898, Porter, Cass County, Michigan. Colored. Single. Farmer. Age 41 years, 5 days. Born in NC to Thos. S. Evans and Emily A. Harris, both of NC.

Floria Ann Goins. Died 3 Aug 1908 in Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Colored. Age 72 years. Married at age 15. Parents of 15 children. Born in NC to Silas Oxendine and Ali Hunt, both of NC. Buried at Bethel. Informant, Wm. Goins.

In the 1860 census of Robeson County: Alx’d Oxendine, 36, Amy, 27, Mary J., 12, Henery J., 11, Minerva, 8, Flora A., 6, Jiles, 3, Catharine, 6 months, and Silas, 45.

Rabbi Goins.  Died 22 March 1914, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Colored. Widower. Parents of 2 children, both living. Born Nov 1848 in NC to Jesse Goins and Roxey Goins, both of NC.  Laborer.  Informant, Asa Goins.

Willis Haithcock.  Died 3 Aug 1898, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Mulatto. Married at age 24. Parents of 16 children; 9 living.  Age 72 years, 2 months, 24 days. Farmer. Born in NC to Burrell Archer and Sarah Haithcock, both of NC. Buried Chane Lake cemetery.

In the 1850 census of Jefferson, Cass County, Michigan: NC-born Willis Hathcock, 24, in the household of white farmer Peter Marmon.

Berry Haithcox.  Died 16 March 1904, Porter, Cass County, Michigan. Married at age 45. Three children; all living. Born 1825 in NC to Mills Haithcox and Sarrah Byrd, both of NC. Informant, Roberta Haithcox, Vandalia, Michigan.

In the 1850 census, of Jefferson, Logan County, Ohio: Mills Heathcock, 50, wife Sarah, 40, and children Dica, 25, Charlotte, 18, Bartlett, 16, Littleberry, 21, Sarah E., 8, John Mitchell, 7, Upper J., 5 and Permelia, 2.  Mills was born in Virginia. All others, except the Ohio-born last child, were born in NC.

Ruberta Haithcock.  Died 12 Nov 1916, Porter, Cass County, Michigan. Widow. Mulatto. Born 30 Mar 1837 in NC to William Tabron and Beda Tabron. Buried Mount Zion. Informant, Beda Haithcox.

Lovina Hathcox.  Died 6 April 1905, Calvin, Cass County, Michigan. Mulatto. Widowed. Born 16 Aug 1834, Logan County, Ohio, to Green Allen and Angeline Wade, both of NC. Buried Chain Lake cemetery. Informant, A.S. Haithcock, Cassopolis.

Rebecca Ann Lawson. Died 19 May 1920, St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan. Colored.  Married to James H. [Lawson.] Born 24 Nov 1849 in NC to George Artis and Susan Allen, both of NC. Buried Cassopolis. Informant, Jas. H. Lawson, Benton Harbor.

In the 1860 census of Porter, Cass County, Michigan: Geo. W. Artis, 45, carpenter, S., 34, M.E., 17, Sarah J., 14, E.A., 12, Rebecca, 10, M.F., 7, Geo. H., 2, and S.E., 4 months. 

Death certificates, Library of Michigan; US population schedules.

The first free colored person he recollects he ever saw.

State of North Carolina, Wayne County  } August the 3rd 1853

Jesse Martin after being Duly Sworn Deposeth & Says as follows (viz) that he has known Fariby Simons a free Woman of Color for the last Sixty or Sixty five years and was Raisd within one of Two Miles of hir She was the first free Colord person he Recolects Ever saw and She was Cald free Fariby in the Neighborhood the Deponant further Sais She the Said Fariby Simons Never was considered to be a Slave the Said Fariby Simons livd with William Burnham She & Burnham would have a fawling out at Some times & she thretend to leave him Said Burnham and they would have to Compremise to Keep hir from leaving but She was concidered By all knew his that She was free & has Remaind So to the present time further the Deponant Sayeth Not August the 3rd 1853 then was the above written certificate of Jesse Martin Sworn to & Subscribed to before me George Flowers JP     /s/ J Martin

Jesse Martin’s affidavit  Evidence of Phereby Simmons freedom Recorded Aug 6 1853

Records of Slaves and Free People of Color, Wayne County Miscellaneous Records, North Carolina State Archives.

This is one of four sworn statements by whites attesting to Fereby Simmons’ freedom. They were recorded in Docket Recording Book 11, p. 346, with this notation: “The following papers were presented to the court & permission asked to have them Registered & Recorded for the better security of the evidence therein contained, the court doth therefore grant said request, let them be recorded.”  Office of the Clerk of Superior Court, Wayne County Courthouse, Goldsboro.